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The True Test for Candida

Here is some important information about Candida testing, taken from my Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Are there tests I can take to see if I have a Candida problem?

A. Testing for Candida albicans antibodies has drawbacks, as the sensitivity, or accuracy, of tests varies from person to person and test to test. False positives may result from various influences, past or present. If blood tests are done prior to the immune system developing a response to Candida infections, then there may be a false-negative test result. If the immune system is suppressed or fatigued from a longstanding infection, then a false-negative test result may also be present. If the immune system has been sensitized, but the infection is no longer present, it may produce a false-positive. While all tests can be useful, it is hard to determine the accuracy from any one test.

Candida DNA by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing has gained favor due to its rapid, sensitive, and specific results. Its high sensitivity may likewise produce false-positives due to detection of Candida cultures normally present, or due to the lingering presence of dead Candida cells.

An antibody test in conjunction with a stool test, or other tissue cultures, and a history of past antibiotic use will most likely demonstrate Candida. Combining history, lab tests, and symptoms along with a trial of a Candida protocol and observing results can provide the greatest accuracy.

Recommended Candida Tests:

  • GI Effects Complete Stool Profile – Stool PCR testing by Metametrix Labs uses DNA analysis to identify microbiota including anaerobes, a previously immeasurable area of the gut environment.
  • Urinary D-arabinitol/L-arabinitol ratio – Microbial Organic Acids Test + Yeast Culture w/ Sensitivity Test Combo by Great Plains Labs. The detection of an elevated level of D-arabinitol by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS). D-arabinitol is a specific test for this common metabolite of candida, but the current complexity of GC-MS may discourage use of this test by some labs. D-arabinitol testing of serum, saliva, vaginal fluid, and urine samples by itself is available through various labs. Kidney dysfunction can cause an increase in arabinitol concentrations.
  • Candida Immune Complex – By Genova Diagnostics. This test evaluates blood for the immune response to Candida albicans.

Click here for a list of other known tests for Candida.

After years of analyzing the research on Candida albicans, gastroenterology, immunology, microbiology, biology, mycology, and several other related fields, I view the true test of whether or not someone has Candida as simple as this:

If you have ever taken an antibiotic at any time in your life, then you have systemic fungal Candida.

H1N1 Vaccine: Licensed but Untested

Question: Dr. Jeff, What’s your opinion on getting the H1N1 vaccine?

Dr. Jeffrey McCombs: I don’t recommend the vaccine to anyone. The Swine Flu first appeared in 1976 and disappeared again until this year. At the time, there weren’t any of the mass marketing techniques used today by pharmaceutical companies. With viruses mutating thousands of times, you almost guaranteed that the vaccine wouldn’t cover what you’re exposed to. The majority of all mutations are weakened and non-infectious. Here’s another article put out by Dr. Tim O’Shea on the vaccine:

Licensed and Untested

This is exactly wherein lies the clear and present danger of the current swine flu vaccine program. This swine flu vaccine is actually being brought into existence for dissemination among the general public, starting with children. With 5 manufacturers having begun clinical trials only in August 2009, none scheduled for completion until next April, it is an astounding lesson in vaccine politics that the FDA approved the untested H1N1 vaccine on 15 Sep 09, just one month after the testing began!

Licensed and untested.

We see precisely the same sequence of events that led to the last swine flu fiasco in 1976 – 50 million were vaccinated with that untested vaccine. 21 deaths 565 paralyzed, withdrawn in 10 weeks. And never replaced. Never replaced – that’s the point. Why not? If the threat was so urgent that we had to start vaccinating before the vaccine was even tested, then where did that threat go? Why didn’t we just withdraw the toxic vaccine and then continue with researching and testing to develop one that worked?

With just a little research, independent of the popular media, a cognition begins to take shape in the mind of the discriminating reader, that there may be an ulterior agenda here, one that is not necessarily directed toward the overall well-being of children. If such a reader is a responsible parent, the next realization might be to change the default setting with respect to the decision to vaccinate. At present most parents default in favor of – when in doubt, vaccinate. Many today are changing that default setting: no more vaccines until it is proven to me beyond a doubt that – the vaccines have been tested and found to be 100% safe with no chance ofharming the child – that the child absolutely needs the vaccine for optimum immune development – there are no economic or political agendas involved in the vaccine being recommended.

It is becoming increasingly clear that natural selection will favor the lines of those parents who take these extra precautions to protect and safeguard the inner immunity of their children. Who else is going to come forward? The FDA, who does no testing of their own before making a decision, but relies entirely on the research submitted to them from the companies who stand to make billions in profits if the vaccine is approved? The vaccine manufacturers, who have been granted 100% immunity from liability for any deaths or injuries? The other regulatory agencies – NIH, CDC, HHS – whose political connections to the vaccine companies are a matter of public record? But that’s exactly what all the hurry, all the hyperbole, all the outright misdirection is about. They know that they don’t have time to come up with a fully tested vaccine – that would take a year. But by that time the imaginary disease will be gone, with no hope of raising it from the dead. The market is here and now. And everyone – the clinics, the manufacturers, the regulators, and the media – all want their share of the rewards.

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