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Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan

Dr. McCombs' Candida Plan Supplements

Dr. McCombs' Candida Plan Supplements

Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan is a simple and effective approach that many people have used to assist their bodies when dealing with health concerns. It is a successful tool for assisting the body to detoxify, re-establish the normal flora of the tissues, and re-awaken the body’s innate ability to regulate, balance, and protect itself. It allows us to activate the endless life-force potential that resides in every cell of our bodies.

It’s somewhat seemingly miraculous results are achieved through a time-proven approach to reversing the ravaging effects that antibiotics have produced in our world today. Though antibiotics have a time and place, it is their overuse, misuse, abuse and general application that produces a devastating imbalance in the body.

Delicious whole foods recipes!

Delicious whole foods recipes!

Dr. McCombs’ Candida Plan consists of four main components: (1) taking supplements, (2) drinking plenty of water, (3) sweating 6x a week in a sauna, hot bath, steam room or Jacuzzi, and (4) eating according to our Yes/No foods list. It is a 16-week program and to support you with completing it with success we have a designed many resources to guide you through the process.

Simply follow the guidelines as written, and you’ll be able to achieve a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

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  1. Kim Giarletto said:

    Hi Dr.Jeff, I am just beginning your program after much suffering since 2005 when a tick lodged itself into my right temple and as a result have lost my natural peristalsis which has resulted in SBBO and chronic candida because it took 2 years for me to find a doctor that recognized my symptoms. I am treating my Lyme disease and it’s co-infections naturally and I regulary take GSE and Oil of Oregano along with candida diet to help, but I never feel well. My stomach always has pain, bloating and hardness. I have to rely on herbal laxatives and/or Bioxy Cleanse to keep my bowels clean. I am very undernourished and have extreme muscle wasting even though I take amino acids daily. My question is…I have been taking this very expensive liquid multivitamin/mineral supplement called IntraMax. They have their own website with all the ingredients listed, and their are many, and I wondered if you could please read those ingredients. I just today recieved my first month supplements to begin your program and I do not want to do anything to make it less effective. In the ingredients are what they call the essential sugars and I wonder if that has been feeding my candida. This supplement works on a cellular level and since I have malabsorption problems my Lyme Doctor suggested that I take it. I would so appreciate your advice and any opinions you would have on this matter Dr. Jeff. Sincerely, Kim Giarletto

  2. I found a recipe for brown rice bread made with a sour dough starter. The yeast is airborne of course.

    Can you tell me please am I able to consume brown rice in this form, or is this not viable on the McCombs plan?

    thanks for your time, appreciate any information you can supply me with.

  3. can I take oregano oil with the progam??

  4. Hi, I am overwhelmed as my 2 sons and I have been diagnosed with candida, I was wondering, can this be overcome so that we can go back to a “normal” lifestyle, or is this no yeast way of living our new lifestyle. I feel like we should be making progress, but it seems like we are only making baby steps. Also do you know of any support groups of people with kids that have this? It feels so allianatingThank you for your support. Robin

    • Yes, that is something that can be handled. As to what you consider a normal lifestyle, I’m not sure what you’re talking about specifically. You might consider that some aspects of your “normal” lifestyle are what helped to create this in the first place. On my Curezone blog, ( there are parents who are on the Plan with their children, and I have treated many children over the years with great success. Children are typically less toxic and so easier to work with.

  5. Hello Dr. McCombs,

    I am seriously considering starting this cleanse, as I have been trying to find a natural treatment for a condition I’ve been dealing with since the age of five; namely, epilepsy. While I exercise and attempt to eat the healthiest foods possible, as well as the most nutritious for someone with my condition, I still have not been able to control the complex partial seizures I get every once in a while. I notice that when my sleep is significantly interrupted, the seizure threshold decreases, and the strength increases. Stress and anxiety appears to trigger seizures as well. Back in 2007, a blood test I did confirmed a positive score for both baker’s and brewer’s yeast, and that was the time I made a notable alteration to my diet to help me deal with the yeast overgrowth. Some of the changes I made were the elimination of beer & soda, or anything else I knew had refined sugars. The only bread I ever consumed after my diagnosis was flourless bread, mostly from the Ezekiel brand. I stopped drinking cow’s milk, and replaced it with rice and coconut milk, and changed my cooking oil from vegetable oil to olive and coconut oil. I believe around the time I got the blood test I began weeding myself off the carbamazepine medication that was suppose to treat the epilepsy. I had been on different medications since the age of five for the neurological disorder and I just felt that enough was enough. Please let me know if you think this cleanse would truly benefit me. I don’t think I ran into your information by accident, as I feel it’s in line with me taking the proper steps, or at least headed in the right direction, to achieving optimal health. Thank you most sincerely for your time.


    • Some of what you describe about your eplilepsy events sounds similar to a type of atrial fibrillation. I had a patient who had epilepsy and was helped by the Plan significantly. He also had atrial fib associated with his events and had ablation treatment done. While it didin’t help the epilepsy much, the Plan did.

  6. Hi Dr. McCombs,

    I recently started your program and was wondering why quinoa is not on the list of “Yes” foods as it is gluten free and not considered to be a grain? I have only been following the plan for a week and am noticing some small improvements, however, I am still not feeling great. I know everyone’s case is different but is there an “average” timeline where people really start to notice significant improvements?



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