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10 Candida Myths

NASA does research on candida because astronauts come down with it while in space. Are astronauts immunosuppressed people by the medical definition? Absolutely not!

Myth #1 – Only women get candida infections

Candida Albicans is commonly considered to be a yeast infection that only women get. It is in fact a fungal infection caused by antibiotic use that affects both men and women. Research states that over 90% of the population might have systemic candida.

Myth #2 – Candida is a yeast infection

Candida Albicans in its normal yeast form is a commensal organism that has co-evolved with over 5,600 other micro-organisms taking up residence in the intestinal tract and other tissues.

Only in its fungal (hyphal/mycelial) form is it an infectious agent that uses its cell wall, adhesion, phenotypic switching, and enzymes to spread and destroy tissues throughout the body. Many people commonly refer to Candida Albicans as a yeast infection when it is actually a fungal infection.

Myth #3 – Candida needs sugars to become pathogenic and spread

The primary drive all living organisms is survial. If you remove food sources from the yeast form of Candida, it will convert to its fungal form and search for food in the body. If someone took all of the food out of your house, you’d go shopping too.

Sugars will fuel Candida very effectively, but it’s not an absolute that by excluding sugars and simple carbs from your diet, you’ll starve it to death. People who don’t spend the time researching Candida put out this information to the detriment of others. You’ll need to use non-toxic approaches that revert it back to its yeast form and then remove the excess yeast by empowering the immune system.

Myth #4 – Only immunosuppressed people get candida infections

The medical viewpoint is that only immunosuppressed people (AIDS, Immunosuppressive therapy, chemotherapy) get systemic candida. They state this as though that is the official position. Official position or not, for whatever reason, it is false, misleading, and demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about candida, microbiology, and physiology. Additionally, it is exactly the opposite of what all the research has continually demonstrated since the 1940s when antibiotics were first introduced.

NASA does research on candida because astronauts come down with it while in space. Are astronauts immunosuppressed people by the medical definition? Absolutely not!

Research has repeatedly shown that the immune system does not need to be suppressed in order for candida to convert to its fungal form and invade the body. On the other hand, a depressed immune system or slightly suppressed immune system will contribute to the spread of fungal candida. What can depress or suppress the immune system? Worries, stress, food coloring, sugar, and among many other things, candida itself. As was correctly pointed out above, slight neutropenia would contribute to the spread of candida. So although a weakened immune system does help, it is not needed, but almost always present to some degree or another.

Myth #5 – Pathogenic Candida requires an acid pH environment to grow

This is another common myth put out by people who think everything is supposed to be alkaline in the body. The digestive tract is supposed to be acid and doesn’t even approach alkalinity until the rectum. The vaginal tissue is also supposed to be acidic.

The lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid to help maintain an acid pH. The stomach is very acidic, and the acidity of juices leaving the stomach helps to stimulate pancreatic function, as well as maintain the proper acid pH of the intestinal tract. Bile acids also contribute to maintaining the acid pH. In an acid environment, candida exists in its yeast form, but once that starts to shift to a more alakline environment, the alkaline pH stimulates the conversion to the pathogenic, fungal form. The same is true for E. Coli. In an acid environment, it plays a role in the production of vitamin K for the body. In an alkaline environment it becomes the pathogenic form that causes so many problems for people. Fungal Candida does extremely well in an akaline environment such as the blood stream.

Myth #6 – Mercury feeds Candida

I’m not sure where this information came from, as I have yet to find any studies that mention this. This mainly seems to be put out by people who think that mercury determines everything in the body. The only possible explanation that I can come up with is that mercury would have a suppressive effect on the immune system, which would possibly allow fungal candida to spread unimpeded. I have yet to find anyone who had this problem. The amount of mercury needed to have a suppressive effect systemically within the body would be greater than most people deal with. Either way, I have never seen any research that states that mercury feeds candida.

People who usually support the idea that mercury feeds candida claim that some doctors have pointed out that most people who have candida infections also have mercury toxicity. If that were true just by association, then it would also apply for parasites, and other heavy metals and chemicals. The average American has a large load of chemicals in the tissues. This doesn’t mean that these chemicals also feed candida. It’s an erroneous assumption to make just because 2 or more issues exist in the body at the same time.

A deficiency of iron would slow down the spread of fungal candida, as it would many other micro-organisms. Dr. Sharon Moalem’s book, “Survival of the Sickest” points out how some people survived the plague simply by being anemic and not having enough iron stores in their bodies to allow the bacteria to thrive. Fungal Candida however, will steal iron from red blood cells in order to survive. This is another one of its many suvival and virulence mechanisms.

Myth #7 – Oxygen kills Candida

Another erroneous myth. Candida Albicans is facultative anaerobe, which means it can exist in oxygen-rich (mouth, skin) and oxygen-depleted (intestinal tract, body tissues) environments. Some studies indicate that is harder to eliminate in an oxygen-rich environment. That seems to be more true of thrush, but not as true for skin infections.

Candida has the ability to evade reactive oxygen species that are produced by macrophages to destroy foreign substances in the body.

Myth #8 – Only drugs can eliminate candida

Most people will be familiar with this myth. If anything drugs increase the resistance of candida. Candida is very adaptive to drugs that try to kill it off. Most research being done today is to find new drugs for fighting candida, because candida has developed resistance to all other antifungals. Antifungal drugs come with many side effects, which include destruction of liver tissue.

The better choice is to use natural antifungals that aren’t toxic to the body. Most every plant on the earth has developed some form of antifungal mechanism in order to avoid being destroyed by some 1.5-2.5 million fungus that inhabit the Earth. There is plenty of research that shows the antifungal quality of many natural substances found in nature.

Myth #9 – Use of antifungals needs to be rotated to eliminate Candida

I usually see this claim on holistic websites and not in the research. Fungal candida can and has developed resistance and immunity to anti-fungal drugs. I find claims about needing to rotate antifungals on sites where the approach they are using, or the substances that they choose to use, or some combination of the two, aren’t effective for eliminating systemic candida. They claim that candida is adapting to whatever their using, so you need to rotate antifungals. I find that they’re just not using an effective product or approach, and they subsequently rationalize its ineffectiveness as the candida adapting.

I’ve never found this to be the case with the McCombs Plan where we use a simple fatty acid to revert candida back into its normal yeast state.

Most natural products are fungistatic (inhibit) and not fungicidal (kill). Its better to be fungistatic, as fungicidal products (drugs) create resistant strains of candida. Nature is filled with thousands of antifungal products that plants make and each one is effective as a fungistatic agent.

Myth #10 – Medical Doctors are familiar with Candida infections

Most MDs won’t even be familiar with anything about Candida Albicans and will dismiss it rather than take the time to find out more about it. There is a large body of research on Candida Albicans that has been around since the introduction of antibiotics in the late 1940s. Research in the late 1940s, 50s, and 60s was driven by the fact that so many people developed systemic candida infections just by the use of a new drug, penicillin.

Some MDs will state that it’s only a concern in Immunosuppressed patients (AIDS, HIV) and patients receiving chemotherapy or immunosuppressive medications. It’s not. Research from the 1990s shows that even the slightest modification of the intestinal flora can create systemic candida infections. More recent research shows that antibiotics will cause candida and that these changes can lead to acute problems ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening colitis to chronic changes such as obesity, cancers, and many other diseases. Other research shows that the protease enzymes that candida uses can be responsible for diabetes, hypertension, and immune system suppression.

For better health, go to Dr. McCombs Candida Plan.

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  1. thanks for posting this blog! I entirely agree with you. searching the web for accurate information about candida is a nightmare endeavor of swimming through misinformed, and sometimes outright dangerous, speculation. I eventually started reading German and Japanese articles on candida to get some accurate information. they are saying the exact same thing you are. you said something interesting in myth#3, which was something about substances used to convert fungal candida back into its yeast form. could you comment on this? I’m really interested in what you have to say! thanks!

  2. The substance that we have found most successful at reverting fungal candida back to its yeast form is the 10-undecnoic acid found in our Candida Force product. This works on the ergosterols in the cell wall membrane to weaken the membrane and revert it back to its yeast form. There are 3 fatty acids that work to do this – 10-undecenoic acid, caprylic acid, and lauric acid. Caprylic acid has toxicity associated with it and only seems to be effective in the body for 3-4 weeks, not enough time to work systemically, but lessen symptoms. Lauric acid seems to be a better antiviral than an antifungal. 10-undecenoic acid works effectively and can be taken indefinitely. 10-undecenoic acid has been found to be 6 times more effective than caprylic acid. 10-undecenoic and caprylic acids are produced by the body in minute quantities. 10-undecenoic acid also has some antiviral properties and has been found to be effective against the herpes virus. 10-undecenoic acid was used in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s to address the antibiotic-associated fungal candida conditions that were being created by the use of antibiotics.

    Fungicidal substances that kill candida elicit survival and adaptive mechanisms within the fungus that causes resistance. This is the case with anti-fungal drugs. Substances that only inhibit candida, allow it to persist in the body. Some pharmceutical companies have started to research the use of the above fatty acids in conjunction with anti-fungal drugs. I would expect this to create more antifungal resistance, regardless.
    Fungus have been on the planet for millions of years and man only a few thousand. their adaptive mechanisms are far more advanced.

  3. Allson Jones said:

    Hello i have just been looking in here at your comments thankyou……i am very concerned about a good friend of mine …..she feels she has candida…however she does also have thalassemia ..could these symptoms mirrow each other concern is jose has started taking liquid silver three teaspoonfuls three times a day…she is in constant pain to a very high level her life is very stressfull to the point of being unbearable..could you advise anything here the doctor she has sought help from seems to not want to even discuss candida…thankyou for your time …

    • Treatments can vary depending on the type of thalasemia, severity, and other conditions in the body. I’m not sure what affect, if any, colloidal silver would have. Lactoferrin supplements may help to boost immunity and bind excess iron. If she’s had antibiotics, then she’ll have systemic fungal candida. This may play a role in the thalassemia, although no connection has been established for this. Acupuncture and chinese herbology has been helpful for some people.

  4. Karin Tucker said:

    What do you recommend for children who have taken antibiotics? It seems like it would be hard for them to do your entire plan.

    • We usually start children as young as 4 on the Plan. Children 4-7 do everything the same except for the Candida Force which is taken at 5/2x/day. One parent put her 3-year old on the Plan and he did well.

  5. It is been siad that the yeast in bread contribute to candida infection.
    Is that another myth ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Yes, the yeast in bread doesn’t promote fungal candida infections. Bread itself is a simple carbohydrate that may be a source of food for candida.

  6. What is the ultimate anti-fungal food?

  7. I would like to read some of the articles you cite. Can you provide them? I’ve been given modified perilla and mentha, for my doctor thinks I have some toxicity associated with hyperthyroid, but I don’t see many medical articles, just doctors making claims about it.

  8. Hello: I have systemic candida. I haven been trying to find info to see if your products (esp 10-undecenoic acid if ok for the liver. I have had hep b and c, but my tests show no negative activity and haven’t for years. So my question is: Is this product above safe for my liver for me to take.
    Also: I have lichen planus. Some claim it is from candida. Do you agree?

    Thank you very much, Cara Lipp

    • I have never seen any information on liver toxicity with undecenoic acid. It has been in use for over 60 years. It does have some antiviral properties, specifically for the herpes virus. Lichen planus has man causes and the conditions that create fungal candida can create lichen planus also. Correcting one effectively can correct the other.

  9. Dear Dr. McCombs,
    For oral use with hepatitis, would you recommend undecylenic acid sodium salt or zinc undecylenate? Thank you very much.

  10. Hi Doctor,
    I can purchase the oil (10-Undecenoic acid) from a reputable chemical supplier, but how to disguise the taste? I’ve taken the oil before and the taste is pretty foul. How many drops of the oil, and how many times per day would you recommend? Are there any other chemicals I might take for perhaps a synergistic effect? Thank you very much.

  11. Thank you for your reply dated May 21,2011 at 2:28. You typed (oops) a response that said that lichen planus has man causes. Can you explain? I still have lichen planus although it is not as uncomfortable and dibilitating as time goes on. I have been taking the life force 10- undecenoic for months. Like I stated, its not as bad but not gone away.
    I am really looking for true info on this lichen planus. It makes poison oak itch sissy stuff.

    I have one more question pls. Could parasites and or bacteria cause yeast problems?
    Thank you so much,

    Cara Lipp

    • Primarily, the cause will be a weakened immune system. This allows for a host of other imbalances that create inflammation and tissue changes. Since 70% of the immune system is located in the intestinal tract, this is a good place to start and correct for any imbalances there. Eliminating exposures to chemicals and toxins by using shower and bath filters, organic soaps, lotions, shampoos, creams, etc will also help.

      The overall imbalance of the intestinal tract flora is what leads to candida’s conversion from yeast to fungus. It has not been associated with a parasitic or bacterial cause.

  12. I have a question about Candida diet. According to the Candida Diet you are supposed to severely limit carb intake. Almost like Zero Carb Diet. I did it for a year and my health never improved. Then I did a 100 percent microwaved white rice diet and my health improved tenfold and I finally got rid of persistent bad breath. Same thing happened with Microwaved potatoes. Microwaved because I didnt want to bother with boiling. White rice because that`s what I had at the time. I just microwaved them and ate them plain. This “diet” eliminated the “classic symptoms” of fungal infection completely. Does it mean that I never had Candida in the first place? Or could Candida problem be all made up? Thanks.

  13. I was told by my doctor yesterday that I tested “strongly positive” to the ELISA Candida Albicans test. I have MS (verified by a spinal tap several years ago) and take Avonex–an immunosuppressant. I also take birth control pills. I also just tested positive for several Igg food allergies including baker’s and brewer’s yeast (as well as garlic, which I see is a food you suggest). I have several questions: Even if I am able to get the candida back to it’s yeast form, will I ever really get past systematic candida as long as I am taking Avonex and birth control pills? In addition, what is your take on the food allergies? Are they likely caused by systematic candida? And finally, how long can I expect to be on a modified diet?

    • Suppressing the immune system allows for many other imbalances in the body, fungal candida being one of them. birth control pills are an extra source of estrogen that can play a role in supporting candida growth. The immune imbalance leads to development of an immune response that favors then production of allergies. The overall imbalance of the intestinal flora can lead to deficiencies in enzymes and other nutrients necessary for break down and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
      My recommendation is that as long as you’re on immunosuppressants, you need to be on a candida protocol and a whole foods diet.

  14. Dr McCombs: I have had several incidences where my tongue swells and compromises my airway; CT of my throat showed swollen lymph nodes and narrowing of my esophagus. Very scary; I am 51 yrs old and just being dx’d with allergies – 29 inhalant type allergies; one allergen is candida; I went on florajen3 (probiotic 3x/day) 10 days of diflucan and 10 days of nystatin swish and swallow. I am still reacting to many things, foods, smells etc. I do feel better since I stopped eating most things I like and using the above meds. I eat chicken fried in olive oil probably 6 of 7 days. I eat a lot of carrots and zucchini. Water for drinks with lemon. I have lost 20 lbs since 9/23…I am frustrated and cannot understand how I could be healthy on day and then “sick” every since. Any suggestions? I appreciate any comments….I am so frustrated and scared..I dont know if each day will be my last, if I will react to something and my airway will close. Thank you!

    • I would start with the McCombs Plan – The best way to view your present condition is that you went from being asymptomatic to symptomatic. If you have had antibiotics before, that would create systemic fungal candida. Most people who have it are asymptomatic. That in turn would create other imbalances, until finally your body was no longer able to compensate and adapt and you started expressing symptoms. There could have been one singular insult that sent you over the top, but you were far from healthy. In your process to get healthy and it is a process, you will be reversing decades of programming and insults that have brought you to where you are today. The science of epigenetics show us that most all conditions are reversible given the right tools and circumstances.

  15. Hello, I was on an anti-Candida diet for about 3 months and took undecenoic acid for about 2 months. Soon after starting the diet I starting getting foamy urine. Does this mean I am eliminating candida and is it safe to keep taking this acid? Or it means there is something wrong with my kidneys and I should go see a doctor? I know for sure I have kidney stones, so just wondering if this undecenoic acid the makes it worse for my kidneys. Thank you.

    • That can be several things. It can be from being dehydrated, too much protein in the urine, urinary infections, release of toxins, forceful urination from a full bladder, fistulas, excess minerals, etc.

  16. Dear Dr. McCombs,

    1) Can candida develop a resistance to the 10-Undecenoic acid?
    2) Will it start to lose effectiveness the longer one takes it?

    Also, although I understand the reasons you don’t recommend B. subtilis, would you not consider yeast-digesting enzymes to be of assistance to your protocol? If the aim of the game is to rivert the yeast for subsequent removal, wouldn’t enzymes help to this end?

    Many thanks

    • I haven’t seen any resistance to undecenoic acid develop. It’s just a fatty acid that is absorbed into the candida cell wall. It doesn’t try to kill candida, which would cause development of resistance as you commonly find with antifungal drugs. Some people have been on it for years in a maintenance dosage. Others have done the Plan successfully several times. If yeast digestive enzymes destroy the cell wall, they cause other problems. It may help depending the level of effectiveness. Candida tends to be respond to enzymatic digestion by altering the components contained in its cell wall.

      • Dr. McCombs, thanks for your reply.

        I just have a couple more questions.

        I understand that undecenoic acid acts to revert the yeast rather than kill it – however, could you tell me how this occurs? (i.e. what does the acid do once it has been absorbed into the candida cell wall?)

        The last thing is biotin. I’ve read that having significant amounts of biotin in the body renders candida unable to develop into its invasive form. Is this true?

        Many thanks

      • All of its mechanisms are still unknown at this point. It is believed to interfere with fatty acid synthesis of the fungal wall and also to affect intracellular pH of the fungal cell.

        While there was an early study that showed a possible antifungal effect of biotin against candida, other studies showed that candida can use biotin for fueling metabolic processes in the body. Candida has an amazing ability to adapt to the environment it finds itself in.

      • I realise I’m taking liberties here, but would you mind answering just one more question, this time in relation to lactoferrin?

        I’ve read that candida and other organism feed off iron – in fact, I’ve read that some people survived the plague simply through having anemia.

        Lactoferrin is said to bind iron and transport it where it is supposed to go (rather than leaving it freely available), thus taking it away from candida and other organisms as a source of fuel/growth.

        Is this true in your opinion?

        If so, would you recommend taking lactoferrin supplements and lowering dietarty sources of iron as part of any candida protocol?

        Many thanks

      • You could take Lactoferrin for that purpose.

  17. frances said:

    Dr. McCombs,

    I have been to several doctors because of the following, ringworm 4 to 6 times a year, always on my back, neck, and breasts, I also have severe indigestion, heartburn, bloating, headaches, and a host of others symptoms, can this be my problem ? I am doing the self spit test tonight, is this test a myth to? Please help. I am 49 female.
    Thanks Fran

  18. John Landefeld said:

    Dear Dr. McCombs,
    I have thrush and am going to start your program soon. In reading the posts on this forum you state, “Other research shows that the protease enzymes that candida uses can be responsible for diabetes, hypertension, and immune system suppression.” I have been taking digestive enzymes for a couple years now and I’d like to know if I should still take them. They have Protease in them and am wondering if what you said means that it fuels Candida.

    • Those will be okay. They won’t affect candida or it’s enzymes. Candida releases enzymes when it comes into direct contact with certain tissues throughout the body. These are used to break down the tissues through the specific action of these enzymes. General enzymes like digestive enzymes work primarily in the digestive tract to aid digestion.

  19. John Landefeld said:

    I’d like to speak to the issue of biotin fueling Candida. I was taking the product Prebiotin for about a year as a fiber supplement when I went gluten free. It actually helped my wife and I eliminate without problem. However, I did not have visible signs such as the thrush that I currently have until after ingesting the Prebiotin. I’m only one person so not everyone will have that same experience but that was my reality. Whether the thrush was related to Prebiotin or not I will never know. No doubt, since I have taken antibiotics in the past, I probably had Candida. And I had symptoms for a long time. I stopped taking the Prebiotin because I read a study that showed a possible connection between biotin and yeast overgrowth (or the pathogenic fungus).

    • Studies show both sides of the equation. Candida has a great ability to adapt to many different and diverse environments. Attempts to label it one way or another, often end up creating a paradox such as the one with biotin. It has been shown to inhibit candida, fuel candida, and have no affect on candida. From this, we know that it does whatever is necessary to survive in the environment that it finds itself in. What’s the solution? Balance the environment and let the environment take care of it.

  20. Dr. McCombs,

    I have been taking Candidase enzymes by Enzymedica for yeast overgrowth. Based on what I thought I read here on your website, are they contraindicated because candida feed on them? Also, what are your thoughts regarding raw milk kefir to replenish bowel flora to treat overgrowth of candida



    • Candidase enzymes are okay to take with the Plan. I would use kefir after the Plan. Raw milk kefir is great.

      • Thanks for your response….I have been battling this overgrowth for ten years now, also have IC…have tried everything….can’t seem to shake it….any other thoughts regarding what might be helpful in addition to the plan. Thanks, rita

      • Blood sugar problems tends to be something that is more common. I would recommend following our Blood Sugar Protocol for that along with the Plan. Keeping the bowels moving is also important. Make sure that you do the sweating. It may be helpful to take Asparagus Extract at 3 capsules, twice a day, and Agrisept-L, at 20 drops twice a day. taking these together can help to direct the Agrisept-L through the urinary tract. Another good product is Uristatin by Thorne Research. We carry all of these.

      • Dr. McCombs, One question I failed to ask…does the SF722 formula harm the good bacteria and have you had any success using coconut oil to treat candida overgrowth?

      • I haven’t found coconut oil to be concentrated enough to treat systemic fungal imbalances. The Candida Force/SF722 are okay to use with the bacterial flora.

  21. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (Schleroderma). I purchased the McCombs plan Candida Force, etc package. I got discouraged because I did not see or feel a response after 1 month. After recent research I believe I have systemic canidada which has effected my digestive system, tissues & circulation. I am going to be diligent and try again, my question is my candida force bottle shoes an expiration date of 02/2012 will it still be effective?

  22. Sorry I forgot to ask another question. I have done research and found a Dr. who practices both traditional and Holistic medicine. After hearing Doug Kaufman on “Know the Cause” they sugesst that somestimes Nystatin and Difluocan are necessary to get rid of the Systemic Candida, What are your thoughts?…

    • Those medications suppress the immune system and have side effects associated with them. Diflucan is known to be toxic to the liver and kidneys. The average number of side effects per medication is 392. Nystatin tends to be safer, but can still cause side effects. These medications can also suppress immune system reactions, which are responsible for inflammation symptoms. That’s definitely not treating the cause, just treating the symptom.

  23. sadsprite said:

    How well do probiotics help in restoring balance to the immune system, if systemic candida is present?

    • Probiotics have a long history of helping to restore balance to the intestinal ecosystem, wherein 70% of the immune system resides. All of the ways in which they create have not yet been discovered, but we have learned bits and pieces of the puzzle. Fungal candida is known more for creating systemic imbalances, not just intestinal ones. Probiotics produce antibacterial and antifungal substances to help maintain balance. Restoring that balance involves more than just using probiotics. I find that correcting fungal candida back to its normal yeast form is not a difficult process, Restoring immune system balance, however can take longer.

      • Rudi Boeckxstaens said:

        Will (most) of my symptoms dissapear after eight weeks of undecenoid acid, or will it take much longer?Will the leaky gut be restored?
        If you say , restoring the immune balance can take longer…How long is that?

      • Leaky gut is a condition that comes and goes due to the fast turnover rate of intestinal epithelial cells. Ongoing inflammation can cause it to reoccur. Restoring balance to the intestinal flora helps to decrease inflammation and balance the immune system. Part of balancing the immune system involves creating immune-tolerance. This can be hampered by blood sugar imbalances, Th2 driven responses, etc. It may mean adhering to the whole foods diet longer, as outlined in the Plan. Healing is a process of discovery. You can’t climb a mountain or ride the rides at Disneyland, sitting in your car in the parking lot.

      • Rudi Boeckxstaens said:

        Dear Dr,
        before asking more questions, i want to explain my situation.I am 51 years old now.In my childhood, i suffered from chronic ear infections.I had antibiotics like candy for many years…Since then i have never been really healthy.There have been better and worse periods…At the age of 35 i was diagnosed with GERD,and i take omeprazol every day since then.Now i believe that the GERD was a result of a lack of stomach acid, but now i have developped chronic gastritis with it, and i can’t stop the omeprazol.I know a lack of acid in the stomach can cause a lot of problems, like overgrowth of fungus and bacteria? and it’s a bad thing for candida….
        5 years ago i was diagnosed ‘prostatitis’ and the doctor prescribed me six weeks of antibiotics(without result).
        My main symptoms now are muscle pain,fatigue, blurred vision,brain fog, depression and anxiety…
        I never eat yoghurt, but i tried a live culture a while ago, and it gave me incredible anxiety…Is this because of leaky gut or die-off reaction??
        My main question is: Can i ever recover from this after such a long period of infection??
        I take a lot of supplements, like minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, and that keeps me going.Without that, i’m not able to function as a normal person anymore.My personality really changes…
        As i said, i cannot take probiotics, because they make me very sick…

        _Do you think that after 8 weeks of undecenoid acid i can start with the probiotics?
        _Another problem: the probiotics in the plan come with a cooling pack…But i’m from Belgium…Will they be dead when they arrive?
        _Do you think my stomach problems are related to the candida, and will they improve after eliminating the candida?
        _In the plan it’s ok to eat brown rice, but not bread…Since the yeast is no problem ( i also read that yeast does not feed yeast),why are full grains not allowed ?
        _I always thought that potatoes were a very high source of carbo’s, why are they allowed?Does the yeast not feed on them ??
        _During the plan, is it a good idea to take other natural supplements that inhibit/kill the candida, or does that disturb the healing?It seems logic to me , the less yeast left at the end, more space for the probiotics…

        In am aware that in my situation, i will probably have to take undecenoid acid an probiotics the rest of my life, together with a diet…But if it’s possible, i’m going for it all the way…

      • That sounds like a lot of antibiotics, which can create a lot of dysfunction and imbalance in the body. Good news is that you’re still young. It would probably be helpful for you to follow our Blood Sugar Protocol at the same time if you have any blood sugar issues. What you’ve experienced before with supplements and foods can change once you’re on the Plan. Rebalancing the body can help to restore health. The best to place to start is at the beginning of the Plan and go from there. As your body improves, you get to discover what works and what doesn’t work for your body and what your body needs in terms of additional support. Antibiotics destroy the bacteria which synthesizes B vitamins. B vitamins are needed for HCL production. The only grain that I have found to work best on the Plan is brown rice, so I would stick to that. The yeast form of candida is not the problem, the fungal form is. I haven’t seen people benefit from taking additional antifungals with the Plan, but some people have taken them. Here’s a good post on candida and sugars – Let me know if you have more questions.

  24. Rudi Boeckxstaens said:

    ….In your experience, is 3 x 5 capsules of undecenoic acid always enough to do the job?Also in severe cases?

    • Yes, 5 capsules 3x/day, along with the rest of the Plan is effective for all cases of candida. What makes someone’s condition severe is not the candida, but the state of the immune system, as well as other possible imbalances.

      • Rudi Boeckxstaens said:

        Thank you for your time , doctor!Your support means a lot for thousands of people all over the world!
        One more question…
        I already mentioned before that(even a small amount)of probiotics give me a very severe die-off reaction…In your experience,is this the fungus that causes this reaction?After 8weeks of undecenoic acid, there is still a huge candida yeast overgrowth in the intestines , no?
        Can i still expect the same reaction when i start the probiotics at that time?
        I realize that this will be different for every individual,but is this likely or not??

  25. The Genova Diagnosics vaginosis profile resulted in the following: Psudomonas putida bacteria, along with klebseialla oxytoca and Streptococcus agalaciae gp B bacterias. It also resulted in candida albicans of course / dubliniensis and candida parapsilosis. They recommend some antifungals I am already using such as garlic, berberine, caprylic acid and oil of oregano. However, they also suggest for the candida strains specifically plant tannins, undecenoic acid, and uva ursi. . I already rotate some but adding in the plant tannins, undecenoic acid, and uva ursi. Can you tell me if it’s OK to focus on all of them because I assume having the bad bacteria is also not good and causes yeast or how is that tied? We need good bacteria so I take 50MG of probiotic with many strains.
    I do have chronic vaginal discharge with some itch or burn (not always) but definitely discharge and gas/bloat!Been trying the candida diet for a long time which is tough but I have done it in the past for about 5-6 months and got better with my detox and antifungals etc etc. However, after 6 months of being good, I relapsed again and starting over trying to be strict and discovering new antifungals. I also am trying chinese herbs and a digestive enzyme isotonix with probiotic. Should I be focusing on both yeast and bacteria antifungals/supplaments? I am trying acupuncture as well for digestion

    How do you know if the yeast or bacteria is in the stomach or intestines. I know it is definitely in the vaginal area (is bacteria in the vaginal area or just yeast)?

    Dr (natropath) also found extremely high doses of mercury in my blood through a chelation /urine test. It was 61 when normal is 4! I understand you claim that mercury causing candida is a myth but there is definitely a tie here since I used to eat a lot more sushi back in the day but not every day! I also do NOT have silver fillings any more (had some when I was younger). I am starting chelation for mercury in hopes it will help overall!! .

  26. Dear Dr.McCombs,

    Are you aware of the following product:

    As this product claims to encourage the immune system to eliminate candida, would it be a useful partner to Candida Force?

    After all, the name of the game is to reverse candida into its yeast form and then help the immune system to get rid of the excess, right?

    Many thanks

  27. im intersted in following yr plan.Icatually just ordered a ONE onth plan…ijve just went over yr website..howver Im 53 year old male and weigh 160 pounds!.im rather slim if not skinny..and after reading testimonial…im wondering…if this is not first and before a weight loss plan??.I really can not afford to lose 5 pounds!
    I1-s there anyhthing i should be doing to MAINTAIN my weight?
    2-I also see the yes regime includes potatoes.isnt that a a startch? doest candida live off startch?

    • I would eat plenty of foods. Focus on fats and protein, but plenty of everything. Potatoes and yams are good to eat. Weight is not a good indicator of health. If at your current weight, you have any health issues, that demonstrates it. The body holds water to buffer toxins. Releasing the toxins allows the excess water to be released. The ability to gain lean muscle mass increases by Week 6. I’m 6′ and weighed 164 the first time that I did the Plan. I had difficulty getting past that weight, even when working out at the gym frequently with weights. Once I had done the Plan the first time, I was able to get up to 172 with weight training. You may lose a little unnecessary dead water weight to increase your body’s health and function, but that’s a good trade-off. Some people with digestive system dysfunction start to canabilize their own tissues for nutrients. They tend to be leaner and are afraid of losing weight. The weight shouldn’t be the focus, health should be.

      • Thanks for yr response: im trying to clean my liver at same time -its sore and i feel its congested -even though my blood tests from hospital are ok…Im taking lscysteine supplements (gluthiatone precurser),and lyssyeine based foods (canbbage, brocoli, asperges..)..Howvere Im reading CONFLICTING reports on the internet ( i googled glutiathone and candida).Does candida feed on Lsysteine??Am i improvoing my condition by eating lsysteiune based foods and suppplements or worsening?
        (Gluthiatone is supposed to be the master body antioxydiser..)

      • Candida can live off of many nutrients present throughout the body. I doubt that your supplementation would have a negative effect and the positive effects can be very beneficial.

  28. Hi Jewff..If die off happens….can i do 2 or 3 pills? does the plan still work without being at the 5 pills per dose and would the plan then just take longer?why is Thornes 722 product one of the only ones they can not ship in Canada ? Thorne is well established in Canada with most of their p^roduct line…undecleonic acide illegal for health canada to be consummed internally. H.C.told me 3 pharma companies in CAnada are allowed to use it EXTERNALLY but are not allowed to use it for internal use.Long term effects??

    • Yes, you can start out a lower dosage and work your way up to the full dosage gradually. Once you get to the full dosage, the timing of the 16 weeks of the Plan begins. I don’t know why that is. It used to be available in Canada. We were lucky enough to have someone in Canada gain acceptance for us. It may be that we are a much smaller company. Undecenoic acid has been used since the 1940s for treating candida. There aren’t many other products on the market, medications or otherwise, that can claim that. Of course, almost all meds can cause death, but that’s okay, and they are approved by HC. I’ve been using it for 20 years with myself and patients. I believe that Thorne has had it available since 1984.

      • thanks for yr response. My whole problem went out of proportion after a cortisone shot 2 months ago…
        have had liver pain for last couple weeks, i think too much detoxing (enema, ionic foot spa.). i suspect my liver is already backed up by toxins..should i be doing a liver cleanse BEFORE starting? Or are yr pills going to create more toixin release? i was looking at another site wher the 1st portion of his program is dedicated to herbally cleaning the liver before doing the candida cleanse . i thought that made sense
        would taking Milk thistle at same time as yr program be beneficiAl?.or am i burdenning the liver too much.thanks!

      • The Plan itself creates a bit of a liver detoxification process, so I don’t see that as necessary. The Plan is designed to overburden the detoxification pathways. It’s designed to unburdened them. The sweating on the Plan helps to accomplish this. You can always take liver support products during the Plan. I like S.A.T from Thorne Research. There are several mechanisms that play a role in helping to facilitate detoxification of the liver. Just throwing supplements at it isn’t going to be the best approach. Most people start to feel better within the first two weeks. Complex problems can take longer, but people still start to experience good shifts early on. We encourage people to monitor medication intake as improving function usually means needing less meds. Also, detoxification cleans up pathways that enable the meds to have stronger effects. Many people have reported going off those type of meds. There shouldn’t be any issues with any medications that you’re taking and the supplements on the Plan.

      • one average..when do customer start to FEEL better? or are the die off symptoms always present through out?(in a variable way..)

      • Just finished ordering yr book on amazon..This healthy life..after being on yr plan.,.In general from yr patients feedback…does that mean being able to be off anxiety pills, blood pressure medication etc.?
        Does taking thes eproducts have any interaction at all with blood pressure up or down?

  29. What is the success rate of yr program? why are there not any positive testimonials in all entire year of 2012?

    • They’re everywhere. Search the Internet. Many people have blogged about them.

      • I am 23 years old,and been feeling like dying.I’ve been using garlic,and I had painful headache afterwards,as I have the candida overgrowth down there.I’ve used creams,pills nothing helpd,they just helped a little,but I still have an unpleasant odour.The main thing that worries me is the odour.After using the garlic I got a terrible headache,like a tension on my brain,and it was ichy down there,would you say that is a die-off symptom?What else can I use to eliminate the problem,besides garlic?I’ve used Diflucan,Canex V,A-Por cream,Flucoric,Metronidazole recommended by doctors,but they just stopped the excessive discharge,nothing much,I still have the unpleasant odour.Thats when I saw on internet that garlic is good,and it made me sick.Please help.

      • A systemic approach like –, plus a localized approach:


        Hydrogen peroxide douches are VERY effective for immediate relief. Here’s recipe that some have used with great success:

        1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
        2 quarts pure water (not tap!)
        effective probiotic

        Place hydrogen peroxide in 2 quart douche/enema bag. Fill remainder of bag with pure/filtered water.

        Douche with this mixture morning and evening for 5-7 days depending on severity of infection.

        Follow with 2 days of douching morning and evening with a mixture of 2-3 dissolved capsules of probiotic and purified water to restore the good flora.


        I would try inserting through douch some pure aloe to sooth the tissues. You may want to start taking some to sooth and heal tissues internally as well. has a brand that is clear like water: George’s Aloe Vera, 100% Aloe Vera, Half Gallon, (64 fl oz) (1.892 L) Never overdo douching as well. Good many a few days a month. Keep the douche nozzle not inserted deeply.


        Using Femdophilus or Flora Prime capsules inserted vaginally, twice a day


        Douche with plain natural yogurt


        Fill 00 gelatincaps with boric acid USP from the drugstore and insert one in the vagina nightly before bed for 2 weeks

        Douche twice daily with a solution of one part iodine to 100 parts water


        To make an herbal tea, pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp. of the dried herb and steep for 10 minutes. Strain and use as a vaginal douche when tea has cooled down.

        Pellets (to be inserted into the vagina over night) made of shea butter, essential oils of tea tree, cedar wood, and thyme; and extracts of neem and Calophyllum inophyllum would be a better, safer, and saner choice than rat poison.

        To make vaginal pellets, simply melt the shea butter (or cocoa butter or coconut oil) in a pan on the stove and add the oils (and/or the herbs supra in powder form) and stir to a consistency. Allow the butter to cool down and harden. Next, make into pellets by rolling the butter in the palms of the hands. Place the pellets in the refrigerator so they can harden. Take the pellets out of the refrigerator about an hour before bedtime. Insert one pellet into the vagina.

        … if you choose to douche, the solution should be all herbal and consisting of the following herbs: Red Raspberry Leaf, Thyme, Goldenseal, Echinacea, White Oak Bark, Buchu, Black Walnut Hulls, and Mullein leaf.

  30. Dear Dr. McCombs,
    Thank you for creating a great website. I’m definitely interested in looking at your program further. I’m also intrigued by the idea of deep colon cleansing (water only) to elimininate candida overgrowth. How do you feel about this protocol?

  31. Linda Mitchell said:

    My 17 year old daughter has need diagnosed with Candida. For the past year she has experienced trigger points in her muscles throughout her body. It started in her rhomboids, then to her arms, legs, jaw, hands etc. our nutritionist explained tgat her muscle pain could be a direct response to her “leaky gut” she didn’t use the term leaky gut but that is what she seemed to explain. Would you also connect and explain this awful muscle pain, prior my daughter was a gifted athlete now she has been forced to quit her sport.

    • An affect of antibiotic use and fungal candida can be altered Hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels in the stomach. This will affect absorption of protein, iron, iodine, B12, Folic acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and other minerals. These deficiencies can affect neuro-muscular function.

  32. At last an article written by someone who knows what they are talking about! As a holistic therapist I often have an uphill battle to re-educate clients who have ingrained beliefs about candida and think they are experts because they have read the commonly promoted philosophies which are often only partly true, but many times completely wrong.

  33. I think, I would like to touch a very basic question. How do you figure out if you have Candida infection to the level of a parasitic level. I know that it is there is everyone’s body but how do I figure out that I need to follow a plan so as to remove it completely. Is there any test or something.

    For e.g. H. pylori is considered a bad guy in recent past but it has an advantageous effect in asthama, so essentially we do not need to eradicate completely. I am looking for similar situation with Candida

    • If you’ve had antibiotics, then you’ve created the fungal form of candida and it will be systemic. It takes about 4-52 hours after exposures to antibiotics to develop a systemic infection. You can do stool, blood, urine, and saliva tests. Each of these is most accurate for the tissues being tested and not the other tissues in the body. Here are some tests that are currently being used –

  34. Dear Dr. McCombs,

    The more I read about candida, the more I hear about candida biofilms making systemic infections hard to eradicate.

    Does your plan address biofilms, or would enzymes be a good adjunct?

    Many thanks

  35. Undecenoic acid has been shown to affect biofilms around candida. You can take additional enzyme products, if you wish.

    • Thank you for your answer, Dr McCombs. Would you be able to point me in the direction of the articles that have shown undecenoic acid to have an effect on candida bioflims? I’ve also read that taking peppermint oil with meals is good for disrupting candida biofilm.

      Additionally, can one assume from your answer that a enzyme product such as Candex is beneficial to an anti-candida programme? I know you don’t like Syntol because it contains bacillus subtilis.

      Many thanks

  36. Hi Dr McCombs,
    I have been struggeling with a systemic candida infection for 7 years and have been treating it for 3(after a year of very heavy antibiotic use due to Urinary tract infections and kidney infections) current routine includes, kolorex, sf722, black walnut hulls, candisol, 200 billion probiotics a day, nystatin orally and a mixture of lemongrass extract and lemon juice for thrush and severly bleeding painful gums. I have been eating only protein and vegetables and avacados for 3 years now I can not stray 1 bite from the diet…I recently did a stool test for a new naturopath I am seeing and had to stop all supplements for 10 days. It was alarming at how sick I ended up getting especially with the oral thrush. Its like it would take over my body and do me in if I gave it the chance. Have you every heard of anyone strictly treating candida for 3 years and still not being able to go 10 days without supplements?? Do you have any insight as to what could be giving this illness strength even though I am not “feeding” it? I am totally freaked out and don’t know what to do at this point. any words of advice would be so appreciated.

    • I’ve never found the approach that you’re using to be that effective. It’s sort of an everything that looks good approach, but doesn’t make sense. It’s not uncommon to see people continue to have problems with this approach. Some people have been following that type of approach for a decade or more. Candida has an amazing ability to adapt to many environments in the body and can live off your cells and tissues. I don’t recommend probiotics in the beginning of the candida Plan, as they can support the wrong immune response. As long as fungal candida is present, it can make it difficult for the Lactobacillus species to set up in the body. Lactobacillus bacteria have a strong antifungal effect on candida. I would check out the Plan at

  37. Dr. McCombs,

    My daughter has had eczema since infancy. Doctors regularly prescribed antibiotics to treat her frequent ear infections. A very picky eater, for years, as a toddler and young child, she existed on apple juice and carbs in the form of rice, pasta potatoes and sweets. She dropped from being in the 75th percentile in height at birth to being in the 5th percentile at age 5. When she was 7, she went on more than a month of antibiotics for an advanced case of Lyme’s Disease. Probiotics were never even mentioned by doctors. Eczema continued to plague her, at first mostly in winter and by her teens, more in the summer.
    As a teenager and young adult, she was prone to frequent colds, sore throats and flu.

    Then, last summer, she developed a severe sore throat with what looked like pockets of pus around her tonsils. She tested negative for strep. But she was put on several courses of antibiotics. A few weeks later, she broke out in terrible eczema around her mouth (we called it “clown mouth”) and painfully dry lips including severe cracks in the corners, which we assumed were due to a fungal condition called “Perleche.” After going on a course of B-vitamins, Aveeno cream and elimination of acidic foods, her condition improved. But eventually, she developed several yeast and urinary tract infections, was put on antibiotics and the whole infernal mess started all over again.

    We finally, though lots of internet research, decided he problem was a fungal condition due to yeast overgrowth. After several weeks on an anti-candida diet (no sugars, fruits, grains, vinegars, etc. etc.) and natural anti-fungals combined with probiotics, she was seeing dramatic improvement. But the one thing she didn’t eliminate was her birth control pills. In the week before she was expecting the start of her menstrual period, she had an uncomfortable flareup of the eczema around her mouth.

    Here are my questions:
    1) Do you advise that she discontinue the birth control pill? How crucial is that to winning this battle over the fungus? (I was estrogen-dominant and maybe she is, too. Would progesterone supplementation help her? She first started taking the pill because of very heavy menstrual bleeding).
    2) If she begins your protocol, does she need to start counting at week 1 even though she has been on a strict anti-candida diet for three weeks already?
    3) Should she continue taking B-vitamins as well as her multi-vitamins?
    4) Should she stop the probiotics until she has finished the first phase, even though they seem to help her?

    Your guidance is so very appreciated.

    • 1) Do you advise that she discontinue the birth control pill? How crucial is that to winning this battle over the fungus?

      That’s not necessary on the Candida Plan.

      (I was estrogen-dominant and maybe she is, too. Would progesterone supplementation help her? She first started taking the pill because of very heavy menstrual bleeding).

      I would do the 30-day Female Hormone Panel from Diagnostechs to see what her hormones were doing. She could also do the Plan first and see if testing is necessary later on.

      2) If she begins your protocol, does she need to start counting at week 1 even though she has been on a strict anti-candida diet for three weeks already?

      Yes, the Plan is much more than just a diet.

      3) Should she continue taking B-vitamins as well as her multi-vitamins?

      That would be okay.

      4) Should she stop the probiotics until she has finished the first phase, even though they seem to help her?

      I would stop until Week 7 when probiotics are added in.

  38. Hey, I am 18 years old and I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp. No cure prescribed by doctors have worked and I was considering drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, what do you think about that? I appreciate the help!

  39. above information is very good,

    I had same problem like that above for 5years

    problem start with extreme pain in my left ear, doc. give me antibiotics
    for that . I was ok after using it. But after 2 weeks , my left start buzzing, creating stiffness in left side of neck, then left shoulder, than spine ,and after that whole body start stiffing,
    There was weakness in my body and my health remain detroriat
    I goes for many blood test including HLAb27. All was fine and report shows no problem with blood
    Added to this , for last 2 years I had constant pain in my left abdomen , and no medicine work.
    I take Ofloxican(antibiotic) it give me relief for some time , but problem reoccur again

  40. Stephanie in Florida said:

    Dr. McCombs, your post is more than a Godsend and I am thankful that you care enough to respond to the continuous questions we post. This is my 1st time trying a forum and I am overly eager to get a response.
    I was diagnosed with Lupus after years of battling severe sickness in my body. The lupus has caused me to have RA, leukopenia/neutropenia, high BP, anemia, fibromyalgia, SEVERE hair fall, reoccurring vaginal yeast infections, skin problems and a host of connective tissue problems. Because my doctors will not listen to me and my condition has worsened Ive all but given up as my pain over the last year has more than doubled with no definitive diagnosis or plan of action from the money hungry, greedy pharmaceutical teamed doctors who want to use me as there own personal guinea pig. Therefore, Ive been doing research on my illness and came across a possible cause for everything, which I THINK is candida.
    Due to my illnesses Im no longer working and I have no healthcare insurance and they wont give me social security siting im too young and their doctors see no reason to approve me for disability, also Im no longer active in my life sociably or physically. Ive taken a beating from my body turning on me and Im depressed and tired and I need Devine intervention right now which is why Im writing you.
    My white blood cell count is no higher than 1.5 on any given day(no HIV, Aids or STDs ever other than yeast infections) and the joint pain, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, headaches and nausea I experience is off the charts. My emotional stability is taking a major hit and Im slowly losing the battle and will to want to go on. With what I’ve read do you think your plan will work for me, considering it may be simply lupus and fibromyalgia?
    2) I have been on capylic acid, centrum kids vitamins(as adult vitamins begin to smell thru my skin pores), b12, D3(due to a deficiency), zinc and probiotics for only 3 days now as I started my own self diagnosed treatment prior to finding your forum. Should I stop now and immediately begin your treatment?
    3) Should I go to the emergency room (taking into consideration Im unemployed at the moment) and have them run test for candida or is it ok to start treatment without a definitive diagnosis considering they had me on doxycycline and tetracycline off and on for the last 2 years also I took malaria meds, typhoid shots and worm meds in order to do my mission work in 3rd world countries(which I no longer do for the last 2 years due to my health)?
    4) Will prednisone effect the mccombs plan of action in any adverse way? I haven’t taken a pill in almost 5 days now but have them for lupus flare ups
    5) Can I take multiple vitamin supplements like the above in conjunction with your plan or should I only follow your plan to a tee? Due to my vitamin d deficiency which was almost nonexistent at one point?
    6) Will my hair stop falling out and the grade and texture return to normal if I get the fungus candida under control?
    7) Will it take longer for my healing due to the other health problems I experience and could my lupus diagnosis be just as inaccurate as all the other diagnosis the doctors have given me over the course of the last 5yrs? If this is candida will I have to always fight it and will it return with a vengeance once the plan is completed?
    8) I recently started having muscle pain with a feeling of tightness in them, is this a symptom of candida? As a 42yr old fit woman(at one point, not at all now) there are times when its hard for me to get out of bed due to the muscle and joint pain that plagues my body. Are there stages of this candida fungus ordeal that makes some of us feel far worse than others?
    Finally, with the problems Ive been having and the mental and emotional breakdown im going through due to my health im concerned if untreated candida caused any deaths you’re aware of or does it just torment the body forever for a lack of better terms? Because Im in a very bad state and Im slowly giving up PLEASE HELP!!!

    Im so sorry for the long post but you appear to be the last road to my getting better or worse and I decided to take it. Also, thank you for any assistance and help you can give me in restoring my mind, body and soul. God bless and keep you

    • My white blood cell count is no higher than 1.5 on any given day(no HIV, Aids or STDs ever other than yeast infections) and the joint pain, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, headaches and nausea I experience is off the charts. My emotional stability is taking a major hit and Im slowly losing the battle and will to want to go on. With what I’ve read do you think your plan will work for me, considering it may be simply lupus and fibromyalgia?

      It’s never simply one issue. I would recommend the Candida Plan. Part of your issues stem from a loss of good HCL levels in the stomach. This leads to decreased absorption of protein, iron, iodine, B12, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and other minerals. You’ll recognize a lot of your deficiencies in the list. The Plan can help to naturally increase HCL.

      2) I have been on capylic acid, centrum kids vitamins(as adult vitamins begin to smell thru my skin pores), b12, D3(due to a deficiency), zinc and probiotics for only 3 days now as I started my own self diagnosed treatment prior to finding your forum. Should I stop now and immediately begin your treatment?

      I would do the Plan.

      3) Should I go to the emergency room (taking into consideration Im unemployed at the moment) and have them run test for candida or is it ok to start treatment without a definitive diagnosis considering they had me on doxycycline and tetracycline off and on for the last 2 years also I took malaria meds, typhoid shots and worm meds in order to do my mission work in 3rd world countries(which I no longer do for the last 2 years due to my health)?

      With antibiotic exposures and low levels of HCL, contracting parasites in a third world country was a likely scenario. Candida Plan 1st, Parasite cleanse 2nd.

      4) Will prednisone effect the mccombs plan of action in any adverse way? I haven’t taken a pill in almost 5 days now but have them for lupus flare ups

      See if you can avoid it. It doesn’t sound like you use it freqeuently.

      5) Can I take multiple vitamin supplements like the above in conjunction with your plan or should I only follow your plan to a tee? Due to my vitamin d deficiency which was almost nonexistent at one point?

      I don’t recommend the Centrum. The others should be fine. With the Plan, you’ll start absorbing more nutrients.

      6) Will my hair stop falling out and the grade and texture return to normal if I get the fungus candida under control?

      In general, I’ve seen it improve. It sometimes gets a little worse before it gets better as your body throws off toxins in the hair. Improved absorption of iodine will help this.

      7) Will it take longer for my healing due to the other health problems I experience and could my lupus diagnosis be just as inaccurate as all the other diagnosis the doctors have given me over the course of the last 5yrs? If this is candida will I have to always fight it and will it return with a vengeance once the plan is completed?

      It may be a little more complex, but you should start to see improvements. Part of your problem will be backed-up lymphatics. The sweating regimen on the Plan can help this. Candida returns mostly with antibiotic use. You will probably need some ongoing detoxification. Everyone does in today’s world. After the Plan, do the Parasite cleanse and then the Heavy Metal cleanse. Make sure your bowels are moving frequently. Normal bowel movements are 3-4 times a day. If you have blood sugar issues, address those along with the Plan.

      8) I recently started having muscle pain with a feeling of tightness in them, is this a symptom of candida? As a 42yr old fit woman(at one point, not at all now) there are times when its hard for me to get out of bed due to the muscle and joint pain that plagues my body. Are there stages of this candida fungus ordeal that makes some of us feel far worse than others?

      The collection of symptoms that develops following antibiotic use and the resultant fungal candida can start to look like CFS/ME, where people are bed-ridden and have many imbalances. You can probably make good strides in a relatively short period of time, but you’re most likely going to need some more work. We work closely with many people who do the Plan. Addressing HCL, Lymphatics, blood sugar, and fungal candida can create big changes.

      Finally, with the problems Ive been having and the mental and emotional breakdown im going through due to my health im concerned if untreated candida caused any deaths you’re aware of or does it just torment the body forever for a lack of better terms? Because Im in a very bad state and Im slowly giving up PLEASE HELP!!!

      Giving up is for those who continue to follow the medical model that leads to ongoing gradual deterioration of the mind and body. Following a path of holistic principles leads to health. Death from fungal candida is usually due to severe immunosuppression and blood-borne infections. It doesn’t look like you’re there yet, but with medical help, you could get there.

      Medical doctors are trained in disease and symptom suppression. They receive Zero hours studying nutrition, diet, and health. The average number of side effects per drug is 396. If you only had a choice of going to an MD or a plumber for treatment, you’re better off with the plumber.

  41. I have a question about the sweating part. In the past year I have a had really bad rosacea, burning, stinging, really blotchy red face. I have never had bad skin. I know I have candida. I do not want to make my skin worse. Is there another alternative or less time or less amount? Also is it safe for an epileptic?

    • Sweating in a dry sauna would probably work best. Cooling off in a shower afterward and drinking plenty of water during the process help. You’ll want to look at your HCL levels in the stomach as they are usually low when skin issues are involved. In general, we find that the Plan helps neurological conditions from ADHD and Autism to Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

  42. Can candida force be taken while nursing a 1 year old?

  43. Dear Dr. McCombs,

    I recently posted a message with a link to an article showing research into Gymnema Sylvestre, and how this herb had been shown to help fight candida overgrowth. You replied in a dismissive manner, stating that Gymnema Sylvestre has not been shown to be effective in vivo. In return, I asked you to provide links to articles showing undecylenic acid to be effective in vivo, but not only did I receive no reply, my earlier post was deleted.

    If your McCombs plan is built around the effectiveness of undecylenic acid, then surely you have some evidence that it is effective in vivo?

  44. Dear Dr McCombs

    I have fungus candida in my throat and back of tongue. Ugly inflammation swells are seen. I have been taking your undecenoic and others for quite sometimes. No yeast due to diet management but fungus remained. Getting quite pissed that fungus refused to go away.
    Now I have this crazy idea. Trying to understand fungal candida’s mechanism mode. Can consuming sugar from processed food or a bit of junk food actually induce fungal candida to break part of pieces from it to convert back into yeast to consume sugar to grow. Fungal candida reduced. But I consume anti fungal 30 mins later to destroy yeast that appears. Undeconioc helps to speed up reducing fungus candida faster in meanwhile. Is this theory possible ? Cos taking a diet without sugar and getting too alkaline speed up fungal pathogenic infectiom , which is why I have no yeast but fungus which keeps worsening. Is there anyway you can enlighten me? Thank you for your time.

    • I haven’t found feeding and trying to eliminate candida to be effective. If anything, it seems to increase the toxic load.

      • Thank you for your reply, Dr Mccombs. Yes you are right, it increase toxicity overload.
        Your undeconoic acid doesn’t seem to be work at all despite buying 2 bottles from you. Going to finish soon and I m unsure if I should reorder from u again.
        My concern is
        1) candida fungus has rhizoid roots. How to I regress those roots?
        2) undeconoic acid convert candida fungus back into yeast, if that’s what you emphasis all along? But under what condition only then undeconoc acid is effective. Ph urine level maintenance , ect ? There must be a way how to deal with this .. Any expertise from you is appreciated.

      • Are you following the entire Plan with supplements?

  45. Emily Elson said:

    It is so great that you answer everyone’s questions! Thank you. I have had a compromised immune system for the past 7 yrs– I frequently come down with viruses like colds (actually I rarely ever FULLY am sick with them, it is just like I’m repeatedly in the beginning stages of fighting off a virus). I also get repeated vaginal yeast infections. The latter makes me think I clearly have a candida problem. However, aside from my immune problems and some post-nasal drip, I don’t have the typical candida symptoms. I have no GI symptoms and have very regular elimination and I do not crave sugar, etc. Through the years I have had a candida stool test and two different blood tests. All these tests were negative aside from one part of one blood test that showed a slight elevation of candida antibodies (normal was under .89 and I was at a .9). So I am very confused about whether I have a real systemic problem or not (I know what you say about antibiotics, and I have taken some here and there in the past, but not excessively.) My questions are:
    • Is it possible that I have an immune problem (like maybe CFS or simply a TH2 dominance) which makes it so that yeast overgrows easily in my vagina, but not have an intestinal candida problem?
    • Are there any ways to determine whether another immune problem is causing my vaginal yeast infections or if systemic candida is the very thing that has weakened my immune system? (After very extensive labs, the only problem detected has been that I have Hashimoto’s.)
    • I have read that it is a myth that sweating eliminates many toxins and that there is no proof of very much coming out through one’s sweat. Do you have studies or reasoning to prove otherwise? What exactly are we sweating out if the candida is simply changing into its yeast form?
    • How is HCL related to all this? Do you believe that the burp test works (where you drink some baking soda in water first thing in the morning to see if and when you burp as a measure of stomach acid)? I had no burp at all, but I also have Interstitial Cystitis so betaine HCL irritates my bladder a bit. What can I do if I need more HCL but I have IC?
    • I recently started taking SF722. Is it in any way harmful to use up my 2 bottles before starting on the plan and thus before also using your detox supplement? (I do take with vitamin C, but I won’t be able to do the sweating for another couple weeks.)
    Thank you SO much for helping people.

    • It sounds like you have Th2 dominance over-riding a Th1 response that is more effective at getting rid of viruses, fungi, parasites, and certain bacterial infections. The vaginal tissues are buffered against a strong Th1 response, and the recurrent vaginal infections can reflect the body’s Th2 dominance suppressing this even further. In a couple of studies, most people who had systemic fungal candida didn’t have any symptoms. In 1999, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that 96% of sinus infections were fungal. Most autoimmune conditions come from the intestinal tract where a good 70% of the body’s immune system resides.
      Sweating has been used successfully as a way to detoxify the body for centuries. Studies proving the effectiveness of sweating are found on PubMed. Here’s are two – and I’ve seen opinions about sweating not being able to cause detoxification, but I’ll stick with the science and clinical experience instead that shows that it works. It’s idiotic to say that the skin doesn’t detoxify. It’s the body’s largest detoxification organ. I don’t recommend doing the Plan, if you’re not going to do the sweating. Too much back-up of toxins occurs. Anyone who doesn’t believe that sweating is responsible for detoxification is welcome to do the Plan and find out how wrong that concept is when they don’t sweat.
      For more on HCL, I recommend this post -
      I would do the Plan first to see if that can naturally increase your HCL levels without needing to resort to supplementation. You can continue taking the SF722 first.
      We’ve seen good results with the Plan and sinuses, IC, immune system dysregulation, vaginal candida, and many other imbalances. If you’ve ever done antibiotics, you’ll have systemic fungal candida. The two go hand-in-hand.

  46. I have been fighting what I think is a systemic yeast infection. I have been following the restricted diet, taking Nystatin three times a day, Diflucan, several probiotics, Vitamin C, Caprylic Acid, and drinking herbal teas and 70-80oz of water a day. It still does not seem to be resolving, or its doing it at an alarmingly slow rate. I am tired of feeling so ill, fatigued, and dizzy. Is there any test that can show what med would work for a particular yeast? Or are there any combination of herbal stuff of antifungal drugs that I am not taking that could help? Have been to family physicians, GI doctor, ENT, naturopathic MD, and the ER. Someone has to know what is going to work?

  47. alexandra said:

    Thank you for the article, it is very helpful.

    I would like your advice for my situation. I am a 24 yo girl, since my first menstruation (12 yo) I`ve had a white, creamy vaginal discharge. For a long time I thought it was normal – it didn`t itch or anything. The Candida symptoms I had were huge sugar cravings, a tendancy to depression and lack of mental clarity, and thrush on my tongue.

    I know it`s my fault, but I only went to a doctor when I was 18. I had a vaginal secretion test and it was Candida Albicans-positive. He prescribed 1 Diflucan pill, but nothing changed. I pretty much gave up – It still didn`t itch, I was bothered by the discharge but I was stupid and decided to ignore it, hoping it will one day stop.

    I was overweight almost all my life, I decided to have a drastic diet – Dukan – no carbs, no fats – the discharge was still present.
    Well, in september 2013 I decided to go to a doctor again. Made a vaginal discharge test again, I tested postive again for Candida and for Streptoccocus type B. The doctor prescribed antibiotics (! I knew I shouldn`t take antibiotics, but if the doctor said so…) and anti-fungal medicine. Finally something worked, I was discharge-free for about 1-2 weeks until I had my menstruation. After it finished, I had the discharge again. In January 2014 – made another test, had the same results, went to the doctor, had a similar treatment – antibiotics (yes, I was stupid yet again, and this time it started itching during the antibiotics treatment) and antifungal medicine and cream – absolutely no positive reaction.

    I was trully desperate at this moment. Went to a gastroenterologist – had an endoscopy and I was diagnosed with gastritis. (I never even ever had a gastritis symptom!). Went to a relative that is a doctor – didn`t know what to tell me – adviced me to drink alkaline ionised water. I bought 6 litres, drank that during a week – felt great becouse my secretion finally greatly diminished, I only had very, very little! I only drank this water that week. Everything was fine until my menstruation finished – not only did the secretions return, but they were worse than before.

    I guess something happens during my menstruation with my body that helps Candida thrive.

    I don`t know what to do anymore. Should I go and test my blood ? I would like to go visit another doctor, but in my country I don`t even think most doctors believe in Candida. :))

    I can`t even buy your products becouse you do not ship to my country…

    Looking forward to your response.

  48. Will SF722 reach the throat/mouth or is it just for gut? Thanks

  49. nicole lindo said:

    i have low blood count and yeast overgrowth, can i go ahead and take iron supplements?

  50. […] Astronauts get Candida-related symptoms while working in space. […]

    Be sure to check out our new blog posts at –

  51. Dr. McComb,
    Is corn allowed in your diet as well as things like corn tortillas?

  52. I have had chemo radiation n bouts of gastritis can you help me with candida resolution. I have it on my tongue looking geographic at times but on nystatin no improvement and then diflucan slight improvement. I want to get rid of it I am working on being alkaline and diet but need to put on weight. Candidadiet is so restrictive after a couple weeks I give in cause dr say I’m loosing too much weight please help me. I want my body to fight the cancer from returning and not this.

    • Hi Maria,
      I think it’s first best to assess what you’re looking at. You’ve had chemotherapy, which means that you’ve had some type of cancer diagnosis. That means that your body’s immune system has been suppressed for quite some time and that you’ve had imbalances within the body flora for a while as well. That usually includes low levels of HCL in the stomach that leads to nutrient deficiencies and conditions like gastritis, acid reflux, etc. All of this means that you’ve had antibiotic exposures in the past, as well, and probably some blood sugar imbalances. The chemo would do everything that the antibiotics do, with some additional toxicity to deal with. The nutrient deficiencies would include decreased absorption of protein/amino acids, leaving the body to derive its protein from your body’s own muscle tissue. All of the inflammation would create water retention that would make you look more “filled out” than you actually are. When you take away the bloating and water retention, you get a better perspective on just how healthy and fit your body really is. This may make you look leaner than you normally do, but it’s a more realistic view of your body.
      The Diflucan will further suppress the body’s immune system function and create anti-fungal resistant strains and rebound infections.
      I would recommend doing the Candida Plan and taking Immunocal, 1 packet/2x/day. You should probably follow our Blood Sugar Protocol, as well. On the road to getting healthy, you’re going to look thinner for a while, but you should start correcting the many imbalances present in your body. Those imbalances played a role in creating your cancer and could do it again unless addressed. Correct the body’s imbalances and then look at weight. If you don’t correct the imbalances, then your body will continue to erode your muscle mass.
      Your doctor is probably not a good resource on health. No matter how knowledgeable about certain issues, he doesn’t have the knowledge or means to direct you in matters of health, only disease.

      • Yes I noticed this on tongue 2 years ago ran around to dentist. ENT. N gyn making sure it wasn’t a sign of something else. All made like it was a non issue n likely geographic tongue. Over that time all normal paps n any concerns with ” cannot rule out high grade” for cervix were redone n came normal as well as thoroughly examined and dr said all looked good. They watched me closely no real alarming red flags. To one day a lab said to dr I need further biopsy. That found cancer. Radical hysterectomy to then find 2 positive lymphnodes. Chemo n radiation to follow definitely enhanced my tongue problem that no one seemed to think was serious. All that time my tongue was telling my my immune system were compromised. Now I am cancer free. Why isn’t it repairing itself or being killed off by meds. I barely eat carb or dessert only drink water. I trying to change lifestyle but I’m drained seeing nothing get me back to me. Probiotic, oil pulling, aloe gels n water. My reflux gerd or whatever is very controlled frm when treatmts were going so where is the fungus hiding n why can’t my body fight it off. I’m sad n scared. I know I’m looking for a cure all but taking care of three little ones is where I want my time to be dedicated not searching online for what maybe worked for someone else. Please help me w more guidance. I was feeling great makin sure I had enough calories drinking ensure drinks between meals now I’m like starving trying to stay away from sugar. Dr said I need more calories. I eat n snack on walnuts or keffer n still jus stuck knowing something jus not right. This should cleared. Plus my white blood count is low from radiation. :(. Thanks for your time

      • Medications do more damage and create antifungal resistant strains. You seem to be under the impression that killing candida is all you need to do. Candida exists because of several imbalances in the body. The body is further weakened by meds, especially chemo, and then there’s the radiation, too..
        Fungal candida can live off of fats and protein, as well. No sugars can weaken your immune system and other cells and tissues of the body.

      • Maria DelPrete said:

        Thank u for the attachment I read it. Very helpful. Drs r saying blood levels norm except WBC n no sign of Vit deficiencies. I jus don’t know anymore. Could my body be trying to detox or that tongue issue a sign of change in body on toxic overload

        Thanks again for your time

        Sent from my iPhone


      • Blood sugar imbalances like reactive hypoglycemia don’t usually show up on blood tests. A blood test is just a snapshot in time. If you want to go by testing, you’ll need to do a Oral Glucose Tolerance Test for a better evaluation. Blood tests rarely show blood sugar imbalances. Toxicity won’t show in normal blood tests. Blood tests don’t check for a lot. Low HCL isn’t found on blood tests. Your doctor probably uses standard blood values, which miss a lot. He should use functional analysis.

  53. Thank you for the website and the amazing products, I still haven’t done the order yet, though.
    I don’t understand your statement Dr. Jeffrey, “Other research shows that the protease enzymes that candida uses can be responsible for diabetes, hypertension, and immune system suppression.”.
    Do you mean that Candida uses the protease enzymes causing enzymes deficiency in the body?
    More more question, if you don’t mind. I have extremely high levels of copper in my blood, and very low levels of zinc, I also had been living in a very moldy house. Should I start treating copper first? or following your Candida Plan along the way?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Candida produces enzymes that have been found to play a role in creating diabetes, immune system suppression, and hypertension. Zinc deficiency can result from fungal candida and its effect on stomach levels of HCL. The Plan helps to address this, but you could also start supplementing with 60mg of zinc a day while doing the Plan.

  54. Ryan Schlinkman said:

    Dr. McCombs,

    I just came across this blog post and have not had a chance to peruse your website…

    I did an Organic Acids Test a few months ago, and it said that I was suffering from both candida and pathogenic bacteria.

    Would it be ok to take 10-undecnoic acid alongside other antimicrobial substances (to keep dealing with the bacteria)? What about using it alongside peppermint oil?


  55. Can halitosis be caused by candida? How effective could be oregano oil controlling candida?

  56. Dr. McCombs,,
    Thank you very much for your (very detailed) responses. This is my situation. About 4 days ago I noticed the interior body portion of my tongue getting a bit pail looking, and after another day I could see the small whiter bumps forming. *side note* I had my appendix removed back in 2001, i’m now 31 yo, and have had little to no problems concerning my immunity management until now. Two weeks ago I was rear ended by another driver on my way to work. This shock is what I’m thinking sent my system into a frenzy producing the excess growth. I just started oil pulling with coconut oil last night, and rinsing with salt water after, it has made a change for the better in this very short period of time, but I still have pain in my cheek bone area, and neck, back too, but that’s from the wreck. My question for you is, for what seems to be a mild case of overgrowth, what is the normal treatment duration? I picked up some probiotics, take a mens multivitamin daily, stopped eating sugary food, coffee, sweets, breads, started eating better according to your research with greens, plain yogurt, eggs, specific meats, fish…
    Thank you very much for your time,
    David Shepard

    • Stress and trauma can lower the immune system responses, so that may be a factor. Misalignments of the vertebrae of the neck and back can raise sympathetic nervous system activity and lower immune system responses as well. Seeing a chiropractor is a good place to start. If you’ve never treated yourself for systemic fungal candida, that may be an underlying factor. It may take longer with the approach that you’re using, so give it time.

  57. Dr. McCombs,

    What a gold mine finding this site. I have been battling fibromyalgia and IBS symptoms for about 5 years. Had a bad reaction to a flu shot back in 1999 and have had a over-reactive immune system since which caused some reactive RA. I have been on high doses of antibiotics in the past for infections so it was no surprise to me that I have a bad fungal infection in my GI tract and in my whole system noted by my naturopath. I have been on an organic plant-based, no grain diet for about 2 years with very low amounts of sugar but still have all the classic symptoms of Candida. I tried Candida-stat for a few weeks but it caused lots of GERD and stomach pain. I was then placed on Nystatin in June and have done a few doses of DiFlucan here and there. About 3 weeks after I started taking the Nystatin I developed a very bad histamine reaction to almost all foods and a horrible inflammatory painful and itchy rash on my arms and face. (eczema-like) It is truly like the toxins are oozing out of my body. When I am on the Nystatin and my arms are flared, my fibro and gut pain are gone. It is amazing. Then when my arms get so bad I have to suppress them with a little topical steroid and back off of the Nystatin, my muscle and gut pain return. I have been trying to find a happy medium until my body heals but now that I have read through this blog I am reading that Nystatin might not be the best to deal with the infection.

    You have mentioned that it is ok to eat brown rice and potatoes. If I eat those I end up itching like crazy, my arms flare and my sweat gets a bad odor again. I have to take a 24hr Zyrtec to calm things down but then that makes me feel horrible.

    I know that I am dealing with leaky gut as well so I have been doing LGlutamine powder with Colostrum 2x daily and drink Aloe Life prior to meals. I also take the pro-biotic Pearls. Is it true that as long as I am dealing with the fungus that my gut won’t heal?

    I am a little hesitant to spend 300. in fear I will react badly to it or it won’t work. I have spent hundreds already trying to cleanse my body and rid the infection while working with a naturopath. I would appreciate your feedback. Thx

  58. hi i am a 26 years old student living in africa,cameroon.i don’t know if u have ever heard about it.i want to purchase your product but don’t know how.i have been battling with vaginal yeast for 8 years now and think it has become systemic or it has been systemic from that possible?can a vaginal yeast infection move to systemic fungal infection?any way i am interested by your product,how can i get it?

    • The infection can move both ways in the tissues. A vaginal infection will often have an underlying systemic component present. We have shipped to over 70 countries around the world, including Africa. It can vary country by country.

  59. Dr. McComb,
    While I’m considering to start your plan, a couple of questions arose.

    (1) Does the fatty acid you’re using harm the good flora? Someone else asked about it and you answered “okay to use with the bacterial flora.” It’s not clear to me if the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no.’
    (2) Is mucus different from mucilage? Don’t we need mucilage to protect our gut?
    (3) If they are different, does mucilage rid mucus?

    Thank you in advance.

    • (1) Does the fatty acid you’re using harm the good flora? Someone else asked about it and you answered “okay to use with the bacterial flora.” It’s not clear to me if the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no.’
      No, it doesn’t destroy the bacterial flora.

      (2) Is mucus different from mucilage? Don’t we need mucilage to protect our gut?
      You can look at mucilage as containing mucus, but essentially they’re the same thing.

  60. HI Dr.

    I have a mild case of rosacea and my skin has been sensitive in other parts of my body. I’ve been seeing a nutritionist/kinsiologist for about 11 months, gf, dairy and nut free. I’ve been doing candida diet but need to address my facial skin as she is not a derm. Yet when I saw a derm, they recommended the usual topical and oral antibiotic and steroids which I refuse to take. The derm felt I had high histamine levels and recommended I take zyrtec for a while. Can zyrtec hurt what I’m doing with my candida diet? I’d like to have a test done to determine where the yeast is and what kind it is. Any suggestions? What about Alcat test? Thanks!

    • Skin conditions are often linked to low levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Anti-histamines will tend to decrease HCL levels further. Fungal candida is usually systemic. Blood, stool and urine testing can be done for candida. You can see the available test on our website -

      ALCAT can be a good general sensitivity test. Sensitivities can change frequently. Are you following the Candida Plan –

  61. Is intestinal alkaline phophatase and hydrochloric acid the same thing? And is larch arabinogalactan okay to take during the plan? I have researched that is is a long chained sugar that Does Not feed candida, doesnt work like a simple sugar or complex carbohydrate. Larch arabinogalactan i would assume would help during die-off.

  62. Hello, I would like to ask about the udecenoic acid. I believe I have a yeast overgrowth due to taking a lot of antibiotics without supplementing with probiotics.After taking them I was diagnosed with IBS(severe pain in the lower right region of my intestine), became allergic to peanuts and began to develop psoriasis on my scalp. Ive been dealing with this issue for 8 months now.If I purchase how long should I take your udecenoic acid? And would it be helpful to supplement with probiotics?

  63. I’ve been reading a few myths about Candida, and stumbled on one recently. Someone said that natural sugars like honey are OK in small doses if you have candida, because the body still needs to produce some sugars. Can you shed some light on this? Is it possible to still have natural sugars?


    • I would avoid all sugars, as they can be an easy food source for fungal candida. It’s better to focus on organic fruits and veggies for your carbs. If someone has blood sugar dysregulation, then even fruits might be problematic. This blog post helps to explain more about sugars and candida –, and you can listen to our podcast on this topic on iTunes or at Soundcloud –

      • Hi Doctor!
        I am in Singapore and have been diagnosed with chronic gastritis, GERD, allergies, even to garlic, an unknown lip skin condition, tomographic tongue and candida. I had been having elevated ESR around 50 for decades and now even CRP always above 10. I am also iron deficient since a few years ago.
        1. How do I know if my candida blood test is systemic or not.
        2. Will your plan if ordered, arrive in Singapore, fresh?
        Thank you!

      • If you’ve ever had antibiotics, you’ll have systemic fungal candida. This will lead to decreased levels of HCL in the stomach that then lead to deficiencies of iron, protein, B12, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. These deficiencies can play a role in anemia, skin conditions, inflammation, and many, many other conditions. We have shipped to Singapore before. The probiotics ship very well and are good at room temperature at full potency for at least 5 months. I would probably recommend ordering Betaine HCL with Pepsin to help improve your absorption faster.

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