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Have you been tested for Candida?

Over the past 20 years with the Candida Plan, I’ve found that a previous history of antibiotic use, whether taken 2 weeks ago or 40 years ago, is the most critical factor in determining if someone has a systemic fungal Candida infection. When asked about testing for Candida, I’ve always counseled people to use two or three tests combined with current signs and symptoms, plus a past history of antibiotic use and the results from following any anti-Candida protocol. This gives a better picture of what’s taking place in the body. All tests are limited in their ability to determine a Candida infection, as we can’t see what’s happening in the tissues.
That being said, many people have used lab testing to determine whether or not they have an infection. I’ve compiled a list of the tests and companies that we find to be most accurate and reliable. These testing formats cover blood, stool, saliva, and urine, providing a more complete profile of what can be tested. Our goal in making these tests available, is that you will be better able to assess the role that Candida may be playing in any condition that you may be challenged with. I feel that tests can be a valuable tool, but shouldn’t be the only factor one uses in establishing the presence of Candida in the body.

If you have ever taken a dose of antibiotics…

“After years of analyzing the research on Candida albicans, gstroenterology, immunology, microbiology, biology, mycology, and several other related fields, I view the true test of whether or not someone has fungal Candida as simple as this:

If you’ve ever taken an antibiotic at any time in your life, then you have systemic fungal Candida”

If that describes you, I suggest you begin your journey on the 16-week Candida Plan.

– Dr. Jeffrey McCombs, The Candida Expert

P.S. A common misperception in the Candida community is that the at-home “spit test” is a valid test for a Candida infection. In this short video, I explain why the spit test is NOT an accurate indicator of the presence of fungal Candida.

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Q&A Part 2: Valid Candida Testing

A caller asked Dr. McCombs, “What is a valid test to know if I have systemic Candida?” Click on the video below to hear his response:

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